As we know most people are walking around with their hands down in their phone, it makes perfect sense to try and get in front of them by being where their attention is - their phone!

Gone are the days of people watching T.V ads, reading newspapers etc.. We now either jump straight on our phones or we are watching on demand platforms like Netflix or Stan that don't have any ads.


Some of the skills you will learn;

  • How to play the long game to setup a sustainable model
  • Creating brand awareness & setting up for the buying cycle
  • How to find your target market
  • How to use correct language towards your target market
  • Where to find your target market
  • How to capitalise from your competition
  • Leveraging off other companies audience
  • How to create social proof
  • How to work with the algorithm
  • Creating content

And much more!

How to grow your business with Instagram


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